I'm Erika...here to help you become a rock star information guru with words that attract, educate, and sell.

What they say...
I'm a certified content marketing writer with solutions that get more leads
Imagine your world with more time to develop other parts of your brand, time to work on getting more PR around your brand, more time to make your innovative wildest dreams a reality, and more time for your life. 
I specialize in search engine-friendly blogs, newsletters, case studies, and press releases sharing the deeper value of what you offer to your community so you can convert them to customers. 
I provide you with content creation, editorial calendar management, and updates for your existing content lost in the search engine labyrinth.
But I don't leave you there...

Without a content marketing strategy in place, you miss opportunities to get in front of your audience. 


The beauty industry is increasing use of web copy, recognizing its importance for raising brand awareness to educate and convert readers. 

But how do you get it in front of subscribers...keep them reading, nodding, and clicking through? And how do you get new people over to it? 
Get an email marketing series that makes heart connections with your subscribers so you can pull them into your new blog, never failing to exchange VALUE for their time.
Repurpose your content for your social community, driving them to click links to your content, including your delicious sales and discounts.
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