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  • Create evergreen blogs educating your community about your brand's vision, mission, and innovations.


  • Researching reliable authority sources for relevant info to help build your brand as a resource authority...interlaced with creativity and SEO tech tools -  like internal and external links, keywords, and reader-friendly formatting.


  • Creating emails with click-worthy headlines to promote your latest product launch. 

  • I do the research to help build your beauty or personal care brand as the authority...interlaced with creativity and SEO tech tools like internal and external links,  researched keywords, and reader-friendly formatting.



If you're seriously considering working with a dedicated content creator




If you have a single project request, click here to apply to work

with me.



Please reach out to me... 



if you want access to content written with industry best practices interlaced with research and creativity. 


if you're committed to the process of your content converting readers into customers.


if you're willing to invest time to work with me and provide info I need to help reach and increase your audience.


if you have (or want) a plan to market your blogs. 



A content mill (like Upwork) may be a good option...


if you need a quick project turnaround with bottom pricing.


if you're not sure you want to work 1:1 with a professional content writer.


if you require a sample piece to be written for you. 


How we begin...


1. Apply here by completing a short application.


2. I will respond by sending you documents with my project fee ranges (so you get an idea of what you can expect to invest) and samples of client work. 


3. If after reviewing the documents you want to proceed, please email me ( with a date & time you're available for a brief phone meeting.  


4. After we talk, I'll send you a detailed proposal for your project. 

Book your free consultation now

Make An Investment

In Your Business Today 

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