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Once upon a time, I was a teacher, and one day I discovered one of my high school students was in life-threatening danger. 


This kid frustrated me almost daily...always falling asleep, or playing his Gameboy on the sly. Never prepared for class.  I struggled every day to get a lot done.  I had no patience for his antics.  


This day was presentation day. He shifted from foot to foot gathering his nerves. As he delivered his presentation on symbolism, he held up gray, sloppy stick-figure drawings representing things he loved and activities he enjoyed.  Video games, music, his future self as a baseball superstar pitcher. 


To my horror, pouring out between those images was his tearful account of how his step-father beat, taunted and terrorized him and his brother, squeezing the breath out of his dreams. 


This child wasn't living, he was surviving.


He whaled as he detailed the incident leading up to his stepfather trying to run him over with a car.  His tears dripped like blood onto the floor as he described the terror of being threatened with a hammer. 


So occupied with my feeble attempt to keep my teacher swag, I didn't notice the students' reactions...until I noticed.  Every girl in the room was melting in her tears.  The boys were trying to look away, desperately trying not to break character.  


The takeaway: we get so caught up in the details of our lives, we miss out on opportunities to help someone right in front of us.  My student was showing signs of distress I was trained to spot...and I missed them. 


So how does the story end? 


You fit somewhere in there. Maybe you can relate to this child's circumstance in some way. 


But maybe you saw yourself in me. Caught up in proving yourself...struggling to meet expectations and missing out on opportunities to make human connections. 


An original, authentic brand story cultivates community

and drives action


However you saw yourself, empathy transported you into the story. If you're still reading, your brain triggered you to want to see how the story ends.   According to Paul Zak's research, you know there's a lesson to be learned. You want to act on the takeaway and make a change. 


So here's how it ends...   


After assuring him that I would help, I reported the abuse. He and his brother were removed immediately from the home and placed in safe hands.  


You're not just selling beauty products or services.  You have a that'll create superfans by defining your audience and touching their emotions. 


Your audience is looking for you. Do you have the audacity to be different so they can spot you in the crowd?

 Show your audience you "get them"...


There are lots of look-alikes in the beauty industry. But you've got your own uniqueness - the thing to make eyebrows raise, heads nod, and fingers click through your website.


Does your beauty brand have a partnership supporting a local or global cause? Is your brand built around a ground-breaking product, service, or key ingredient? What sets you apart from your competitors?


Get content that conveys your irresistible brand messaging.  Answer questions and solve problems of your community. Captivate and intrigue, consistently paving a clear path for your customers to exchange money for their new-found they keep coming back.  


I want to see you win...


  I'm invested in helping you grow your beauty brandWhen you win, we both win!








This is me...


a communicator...


I have a soft spot for the "dark horse". I know how it feels to be overlooked...but I learned to love my beautiful self (inside and out). My joy is helping people see what’s special about them. My friends feel safe sharing their joys and sorrows with me. I'm humbled by their trust and respect.   


a storyteller...


Stories perk ears and touch hearts.  If you're talking to the right audience, your story can connect you to strangers and make you a trusted friend.  


a researcher...


I don't stuff content with statistically incorrect keywords. I do research for REAL keywords the way REAL people are searching for your content.  


So, what's all this mean for you?


Do you have the audacity to be authentically you? Give yourself permission to be expressive, honest, and even opinionated...with love. Add some "engageable" fun for your community.


I'm a content creator who goes beyond features to highlight benefits in a way that gets readers' excited about your brand. Research that digs deeper gives you an edge as a rockstar information guru.


I learn your brand's vision, mission, and ethos so you can make heart connections with the customers you dream of.  




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