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3 Proven Steps to Boost Your Spa Business This Year

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3 proven steps to Boost your Spa Business This year

Add these trade tools to your business practices.

Your clients will run back to you...and bring their friends.

1. Social Media Presence (no surprise here, right?)

Before you get that social media "willies" in your tummy, consider this.

Keep. It. Simple. Find out where your ideal clients hang out ...Instagram, Facebook, YouTube...and focus your marketing efforts there.

Spa seekers are heading to Instagram to see your clients experiencing relaxing, elegant bliss. They want to know what they would experience and how they'll feel. Your online presence should promise visitors that your spa is their happy place.

They NEED to be there.

Post mesmerizing pics that'll have clients eager to book with you.

YouTube tutorials and Facebook Live are other popular platforms to educate and engage your audience...and get them through the door.

Whatever platform(s) you use to post your content (do a search to find out what's working for your top three competitors), be sure it's optimized so that search engine results put you at the top of the heap.

Here's how:

  • ​Encourage your audience (and of course your loyalists) to post reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook

  • Limit obvious sales mostly experiential content

  • Respond quickly to Social Media engagers

  • Offer online booking for your clients' convenience

  • Follow non-profit organizations that fit with your business community outreach efforts

  • Check yo self! Do an online search for local spas and see how you rank

2. Phone it in!

Statics show Americans check their phones an average of 150 times a day (including on-the-clock time). What's that costing your business in productivity?

Staci Bowie, owner of Bowie Salon and Spa, conducted a little experiment with her staff.

She asked them to put away their phones for one month. They only checked them during their breaks.

This shift in business practice had remarkable (but maybe not surprising) results.

  • Staff did more up-selling

  • Inner-office support increased

  • Customer service improved leaps and bounds

  • Retail sales increased

  • Communication with clients improved

  • Overall productivity stepped up

3. Enhance your clients' experience

Give the people what they want! No matter how difficult a client may be, find a way to make him or her happy. Super positive energy is a great start.

Give them ambiance that screams luxury and exclusivity....ironed sheets, plush robes, fresh flowers, and a variety of beverages. Team members should be able to answers clients' questions, be engaging and friendly, and have contagious positive energy.

Learn your regular clients' preferences-how they prefer to be greeted (first name or Mr./Mrs.), and how they like to be served and what they prefer to drink and read. All clients want to read up-to-date material. Replenish your library regularly.

Make your retail space accessible to clients. They want to touch and feel the products. Locked away or place behind the counter sends the signal that it's too much trouble to ask for or sell the product.

Show your beautiful self. Be more visible by holding spa events, and even show off your services so visitors can see what they can expect.

More ways to WOW your clients...

Book em! Before your client head out, secure their next appointment so they'll come back.

Offer exclusive services such as at-home appointments, kid-friendly events, samples, gift sets, and certificates. Deliver high-quality services that hook your clients and turn them into evangelists.

Ensure that EVERY team member is highly trained...not just one or two. Because when they go, their clients go with them.

Provide services that fit your clientele. Younger generations may want express services. More mature clients may want to be pampered...feel relaxed...fully experience the moment.

And don't forget the men. They need love too. Delight them with grooming products that have attractive packaging, intoxicating scents, and positive, effective results.

Partner with local businesses such as medical centers for pre and post op spa treatments to stay competitive with less traditional spas.

* Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO of Repêchage, recently hosted a Power Lunch at the company’s Secaucus, N.J., headquarters, offering more than 100 beauty professionals from India, Ghana, Italy and beyond insights on how they can boost their businesses in the coming year.

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Free Webinar - Optimizing the beauty omnichannel

Get expert insights on scalable strategies to deliver a top-notch experience to your customers every time, on every platform.

Experts will discuss:

- Emerging omnichannel innovations from retailers and brands in mobile, digital and brick-and-mortar

- Impact of packaging design

- Omnichannel challenges and opportunities for mid-size beauty businesses

Who should attend?

  • Owners

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Pinterest Beauty trends of 2018

The 4th Annual Pinterest 100 announces top beauty trends its users are hyped about for 2018.

Pinterest reported the count for beauty pinners increased 75% year over year.

Pinners are on the hunt for expert tips, tricks, and tutorials to get trending and classic looks...and products that achieve the look.

10 beauty trends Pinterest users are loving (and why you should be posting there)

Oils - The demand for oils have increased 555%! Oils are a popular base for consumers seeking smoother hair, softer skin, and shinier lips.

Lashes - Of course, lush, lavish lashes are always trending. Pinners search how to get them at an increased rate of 152%.

Shade-inclusive - No shade but, women are no longer settling for "close" enough. The search for the "perfect-match" makeup is the new normal. Pinners saved complexion-matching foundations at a whopping increased rate of 378%. Now that's a trend!

Bob...bye - Medium length hairstyles are cooling off as bold looks heat up. Styles that go past the shoulder or closely frame the face are on deck for 2018. Pinterest users increased saves by 130% The long and short of it is that styles like "the bob" are out...for now.

Slick-back and wavy styles are also coveted. Pinners searching for these looks increased 166%.

Nails - Geometric nail pins increased 83%. Pinners want dramatic nails to match dramatic lashes and dramatic hair. Dramatic is what's up!

Neon eyes - Bright liners and shadows (dramatic) are popular pins...increased 63%.

Derma rollers - Pins for ice, jade, and quarts rollers are super popular. Pins and searches are up 347%.

Makeup kits - With the onset of a over-saturated must-own-this-product-or-have-no-friends beauty industry landscape, consumers are intimidated and overwhelmed. So they are opting for kits, where the guess-work is removed. Pinterest makeup kit saves increased 147%

Sheer and matte lip tints - There's a lot of lip love for this trend. Saves increased 414%.

Stay up for the next issue of THE BEAU-tea.

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