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10 Ways to Get to Know Your Client

10 ways to get to know your clients

Love on your clients and "court" your prospects.

Here's how:

1. Discover your clients' household members. They could become a new client. Or purchase your products.

2. Cross-promote with businesses that can send potential clients your way. Hair salons, nail salons, gyms, just to name a few.

3. Discover how you can serve your clients by recommending other businesses that serve their needs.

4. Anticipate your clients' needs. Is she taking a trip? Offer services you know she'll need and love before she takes off.

5. Learn your clients' health habits. Find ways to help your clients.

6. Ask clients about their skin regimen. Improve or enhance it with services and products.

7. Ask clients to bring in friends and family - offer an incentive for doing so.

8. Get to know how your clients like to schedule. Some of your favorites may be too busy. Give them a shout out and help them remember it's time to pay you a visit.

Others may like to schedule a year out. Get 'em booked! They'll appreciate your personal customer service.

9. Ask questions to discover "golden nuggets". Delight your clients...find additional problems you can solve.

10. Contact clients based on their preference, not what's convenient for your business.

Skin Inc. - Deedee Crossett

What does your packaging design say to consumers?

Sheri L. Koetting, founder and chief strategist of MSLK specializing in holistic brand positioning.

Here's her expert guide to packaging design that gets a brand noticed....and purchased.

Your Target Customer. Know. Thine. Audience.

Know the consumers you want to connect with. Discover the space you fill in their lives (not the space they fill in yours).

What pains them? What's their desire? How do you answer the questions in their head? In their heart?

What's your competition up to? What gap can you fill that they don't?

Physical Retail Matters. Digital sales held only 11% of all the retail sales market in 2016*. (Surprising, huh?). So consumer access to your product is part of brand success. They want to touch it before they purchase it.

The 10, 5, and 2 ft. experience is still a thing.

At 10 ft or more, color and shape of packaging is what customers notice. At 5 ft., they recognize brand symbols, iconography, and signature images. At 2 ft., customers discern words, material, ad finishes.

Things to consider when establishing your retail positioning

  • How will your products be positioned? Together or separated by product?

  • Is your brand a worthy competitor in your distribution channel?

  • Is your brand alluring and unique enough to make some noise?

Harnessing Digital Growth. Mass and Prestige retail is growing at a rate of $1 billion each year since 2012*. Your online presence: from URL descriptions (SEO - super important here) to how your packaging appears in digital form is vital to how your audience finds your brand...and how long they stick around to learn more about you.

The Unboxing Experience. Check out these findings by Dotcom Distribution's 2016 eCommerce Packaging Study.

  • 68% of consumers feel the unboxing experience ups the prestige of a brand

  • 44% said the unboxing experience justifies the purchase price

  • 58% are greatly influenced by gift-like packaging

  • 61% said packaging influenced their decision to re-purchase

Dotcom noted samples, coupon codes, and review requests increase customer engagement.

PR-ready Packaging. Beauty editors have an eye for bold and colorful packaging. And packaging following industry-wide trends.

Avoid plain packaging and metallic finishes. They're difficult to photograph.

Sharable Packaging Designs for Social Media. According to Olapic, 56% of social media users are more likely to buy products photographed and shared by consumers rather than seen in an ad.

Let's give 'em somethin' to talk about (and share).

Unique packaging. Unique dispensing method. Attractive, luxe packaging. Alluring Design.

Video & Home Shopping Design Tips. Give your audience the best shopping experience with your brand on social media or your website.

  • Use jewel tones. Avoid white, black, yellow, and red

  • Don't use stripes or elaborate patterns. They vibrate on screen

  • Let your audience know what they're getting with images

  • Choose user-friendly packaging for ease of use

Global Cosmetic Industry



J-Beauty vs. K-beauty

K-beauty is beloved by beauty and skincare enthusiasts around the world.

But according to a recent article in the South China Post,

J-beauty is gaining momentum. And giving K-beauty a run for its money...literally.

Decorte', Shiseido Posme, and Waso are just a few beauty brands getting media buzz and thrusting J-Beauty ahead of its competition.

J-beauty has already proven it deserves its position in the beauty industry with ancient techniques such as double-cleansing and oil-based skin cleansers.

What's next? We await with bated breath.

Keep your eye on these J-beauty brands:

  • Shiseido

  • Fairydrops

  • Sensai

  • DHC

  • Suqqu

  • Yu-Be

  • Decorté

  • Damdam

  • SK-II

  • Albion

  • Addiction

  • Chicca

  • Flowfushi

  • RMK

  • Shu Uemura

  • Kate Tokyo

  • NaturaGlace

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Stay up for the next issue of THE BEAU-tea.

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