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Inclusive Beauty: Claiming Our Time

Inclusive Beauty

I'm all in...10 fingers up for the forward movement of cosmetic brands embracing ALL skin tones. From alabaster to the deepest ebony. Rihanna didn't give grassroots to this important movement, but she used a megaphone to reignite the conversation about an unmet need in the makeup industry.

Mintel's Global Trends 2018 report - "The ever-evolving perception of beauty will see the removal of labels...based on simple characteristics like age and gender; and will transform the way we look at our skin, hair and body types...The time has come to celebrate individualism in all its beauty."

The most recent Pinterest 100 list is evidence of the interest and need for diversity in makeup. Saves for "complexion matching" jumped 378%!

Where it all began...Iman Cosmetics, Black | Up, Black Radiance Makeup, Hue Noir, and Black Opal Beauty. These brands gave roots to misrepresented makeup consumers and continue to answer the call for inclusive makeup and skincare.

It's bigger than makeup

One of the biggest moves in inclusive beauty was last year's acquisition of Sundial Brands by Unilever to the tune of $240 million. Under its umbrella is Shea Moisture, Nubian Heritage, Madam C.J. Walker, and nyakio.

In partnership with Sundial Brands, Unilever is rolling out a $100 million New Voices Fund to invest in women of color entrepreneurs.

Global Cosmetic Industry

Making online marketing sexy(??)

Honey, YAAAS!

In marketing sexy doesn't mean...whatever it means in your mind. Sexy marketing is catching the attention of your audience and keeping them engaged in your message.

Sexy emails get opened. Sexy social media posts trigger strong emotion and get "liked" and "shared".

So let's look at 6 elements involved in creating sexy, sharable, marketing magic.

1. Headlines, images, persuasive language, i.e. strong testimonials, all work well together to evoke emotions - happiness, urgency, anger, sadness, sentiment, inspiration - and get people liking and sharing.

"Date" your audience. Seduce them into spending more time with you. Tell them what they want to them what they want to see.

2. Make a long-lasting impression. Make your people laugh...or at least smile. Humor is very sexy. Who doesn't slow their scroll for a funny meme over a kid, emoji, or Kermit. Create humor to attract viewers to your products or services. Bring joy to your audience's their life. They'll look forward to your next email or post.

3. Mix up your marketing plan with some spontaneous, emotion-provoking posts. Show your audience your brand's diversity. You're serious, but you can also be provocative... that's sexy!

4. Videos. But not just any ol' video. Make entertaining, informative, just long enough, but not too short, and visually appealing videos. Get information to your audience quickly...and keep their attention. Videos work well with or in place of blog posts or newsletters. And they're a powerful tool for creating ads.

5. Sexy subject lines. Your best marketing efforts could all go unnoticed if your subject lines don't jump out at your audience. A compelling subject lines tells your readers, "there's something inside that's gonna' change your life."

6. Stand out. Sexy does what nobody else is doing. Do your research. See what your competition is up to and do it better. Be provocative. Be daring. Be irresistible.

Skin, Inc.

The business of acne

The global topical-use acne treatment market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% by 2024 - 4.9 billion for 2016. (Data Bridge Market Research)

Acne treatment is on the move. Who's surprised? Selfies, Facebook Live, The 'Gram. Your face is your billboard to the world. And blemish-free skin is in more that it's ever been.

That's totally my take...but it makes sense right?

Data Bridge suggests major market drivers are: more disposable income, increased spending on drugs in emerging countries, healthcare initiatives, and the rising concerns with acne and other skincare issues (hence, selfie obsession).

Also, healthcare is just too expensive. We need another solution out of this mess!

The market has 7 segments: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory drugs, hormonal agents, combination medications, oral retinoids and topical retinoids.

According to this research, the market is "highly fragmented" and “based on new product launches and clinical results of products."

Want to get in on this exploding market? Leaders looking to get a piece of the pie take advantage of market strategies such as product launches, clinical trials, research and development, partnerships and acquisitions.

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Stay up for the next issue of THE BEAU-tea.

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