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The Influencer (Part Un)

the Influencer (Part un)

Influencers. It's a term as widely known as "branding" in the marketplace. The exclusivity of Influencers has a new face as the competition becomes fierce...and ethics questionable.

If you want to team up with a Beauty Influencer, here are some important tips...

(1) Audit the Influencer's followers. Make sure they're organic and not "bought" followers.

(2) Beware of "engagement pods" - groups who like and comment on each others' posts to mimic engagement. It's like fake news. It gets us nowhere.

(3) Go with your gut! What's your intuition telling you about the prospective influencer? Is she "choosy" about who and what she represents? Does she have a genuine commitment in helping your ROI...or is getting paid her one and only interest?

Do your homework and trust your instinct. Don't become a victim of influencer fraud. They're out there so be careful!

Beauty casual is a thing

Cosmetics Design - Europe interviewed Jamie Johns, Director of Merchandising for Skincare. She'll be speaking at Innocos - Florence Italy in June on the topic of Beauty Buffs and Beauty Casuals.

Here's some of her insight on the existing gap for beauty casual and how Birchbox serves this market.

What's a Beauty Casual?

...The woman representing the large audience of consumers who don't love makeup, they simply like it. Not because it's sparkly or the hottest trend, but because it works for her. She's an accomplished woman between 31-33 living in urban and suburban USA.

She doesn't watch hours and hours of YouTube, or know the ins and outs of any particular brand. She wants to look her very best...with a reasonable amount of time and effort.

Consumers in this market get overwhelmed by countless choices. And they're not willing to "roll the dice". So they stick with what they know, and slide their money back in their wallet. There's a huge opportunity here!

...And a Beauty Junkie?

Beauty brands are focused on the beauty junkie market, creating here-today-gone-tomorrow products to create a buzz....and sales, of course. Beauty junkies spend a lot of their time and money with cosmetics. They're seriously beauty brand savvy.

Johns is not suggesting innovation wouldn't be effective for the beauty casual crowd. But that purpose is a priority and should have equal importance when considering formulation and marketing.

Brands Johns mentions filling the beauty casual market gap are Birchbox, Keil's, Sunday Riley, and Drunk Elephant.

See full article here:

The rose is trending

According to Kline Amalgam, rose water, rose petals, and rose oil are showing up and showing out for skincare. It has a reputation for its skin-soothing and redness-reducing benefits.

High-ranking rose infused products are:

- Leven Rose Moroccan Rose Water Toner (top rank)

- Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner

- Mario Badescu Facial Spray Rosewater & Green Tea Duo

- Mary Tylor Naturals Organic Rose Water Toner Spray

- Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner 3-count

Stay up for the next issue of THE BEAU-tea.

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