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The Influencer (Part Deux): 5 Steps to Partnership Success

the Influencer (Part Deux)-5 steps to partnership success

Influencers are cutting-edge advertising for an expanding business...a loud voice with a large following touting your brand's latest widget. It's marketing gold! Not to mention cost effective.

The growing popularity of influencers may have you asking..."How do I choose an influencer, and how can I know if it's worth the investment". Measuring ROI can be as elusive as it is un-sexy, particularly when tracking influencer conversions.

Colleen Garland over at Madison Reed shares her know-how on building a profitable partnership with an influencer.

5 Steps to Influencer Partnership Success

1. Offer an incentive for direct sales apart from pay for their time and content. If they shy away from this, they're not a brand believer, just a check collector.

2. An authentic influencer will be interested in sales metrics for her own brand building. It's good business to share sales and digital engagement information with her.

3. Diversify your efforts. Be sure your partnership is reaching various marketing sectors, i.e., DIY, moms, active.

4. Find the right fit. A significant following is not the only indication of success. She's not just a talking head, she's your representative in the world. A strong, authentic relationship can work smarter for you than reach alone.

5. SUPER important. Choose the right platform for influencer's content. Pics, blogs, videos? There's an app for that!

3 Tools For Collecting and Measuring Data

So how will you know if your partnership is working?

Here are tools you can use:

1. Promo codes. Provide one for each influencer to track sales and her commission pay-out. Beware of codes leaked to coupon sites...these sales aren't authentic influencer conversions.

2. Give each influencer a link to track engagement, click-through, and influencer sales.

3. Survey purchasers to know how they heard about you. Be sure to list the influencer(s) (and her name/handle) as a choice.

2019/2020 color cosmetics trends

In the world of cosmetics, 2019 is here and 2020 is peeking through the curtains.

Here are color trends taking shape to show out in the coming year.

~ Subtle summer orange and yellow tones

~ "Edgy" winter neutrals - grey, beige, pink, and khaki

~ Large glitter flakes for face, lips, and eyes

~ Easy-use, hybrid cosmetics for face, lips, and eyes

You Better Watch Out

Large Corporations can't compete with indie brands when it comes to turning around trends - they come late to the party. The challenge is to meet consumer demands for innovation and have strong brand identity.

For indie brands, the challenge is to be cutting-edge and trendy without losing the authenticity consumers desire.

See full article here:

Hair Trending

Customized hair care is no longer's the framework for branding and customer service. But hair care trends are the nucleus of a brand's marketing machine determining its influence and longevity in a "squeeze-in-tight" marketplace.

Jennifer Marsh (P&G) gives insight into trending hair care in 3 niches, and why you should care.

Natural Wonder

As ingredient label transparency is becoming a thing (read about L’Oréal's latest initiative here), brands are making natural ingredient-based formulas to meet Gen Z and Millennial demands for greener, cleaner beauty. Efficacy and functionality of natural products will become more available as consumer demand grows.

Curl Pattern

Textured hair is getting some love in the mainstream beauty market (and it's about time), and more brands are jumping on board. You'll continue to see this market expand as demand for customized and personal service grows.

Single Serving

Brands are recognizing that hair care habits are as diverse as hair types. You'll begin to see more of a presence of maintenance products (between wash and treatment hair care) to fit the needs and lifestyles of their target market.

Stay up for the next issue of THE BEAU-tea.

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