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Trending: Makeup With Skincare Benefits

trending: makeup with skin care benefits

Functional personal care is becoming an industry staple, addressing the need to save time for busy women on the move.

90% of female consumers buy cosmetics with skin care benefits according to a study by the NPD Group 2018 Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report. Two-thirds women use skin care makeup along with their separate skin care products.

The number of women wearing makeup has increased significantly in just two years. More and more women are interested in preventative and corrective skin care, not just covering flaws - so the marriage of makeup and skin care are right on pace with this trend.

Here are 4 more findings in the NPD Group report:

- More women today than two years ago wear makeup to even skin tone, look and feel younger, confident, and sexy.

- More women are looking for makeup brands with products that moisturize, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pores and reduce redness.

- 62% of women are using makeup with moisturizing benefits, a 4% increase over 2016.

- More than a third of foundation consumers consider pore minimizing to be an important benefit in makeup, up 3% over 2016.

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the sizzling 6: How they're building booming beauty brands

At the Indy Beauty Expo Dallas 2018, 6 beauty brands rose to the top of the consumer and buyer survey as best in show at the expo finale. It's no easy feat to land at the top - affirmation of these brands' grit and stellar performance.

Some of the determining factors included formulations, pre-show public relations, and presentation. Passion, conviction and openness of the founders proved to be toward the top of the list for their brand appeal. These brands have a clearly defined and believable message.

The exemplary brands are Milk and Honey, Au Naturale, 18.21Man Made, Honey Belle, Gallinée and Ora Organic.

Find out how they drive business, how they achieved trade show success, and learn of their potential partnerships, post-show.

See full article here:

Pollution-fighting skincare: free event

Click here to register for The Anti-Pollution Paradigm. Understanding the Next Generation in Skin Care, a free webcast.

Pollution-fighting ingredients is top of mind for cosmetics manufactures as consumer demand increases.

Discover ingredients and blends formulated to fight the damaging effects of pollution.

Also to be discussed in this free webcast is how indoor and outdoor pollution effect skin's aging process, visible light pollution and how it impacts the skin, and the latest advances in addressing the three types of pollution.

Skin, Inc.

Stay up for the next issue of THE BEAU-tea.

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