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First, let's talk about why you need a blog
hosted on your website 

"Erika, I’m so grateful for your effort. You went above and beyond!” – Heather Fink, The Sexiest Beauty

Blogging is the 5th most trusted source for reputable online information.


Businesses using high-quality blogging as part of their marketing strategy get 67% more leads than businesses NOT using blogging.


According to Tech Client, a business has a 434% greater chance of ranking high on search engines when featuring a blog on its website. Take a look at this easy-to-read infographic illustrating the benefits, statistics, and evolution of blogging. 


You've probably heard it said content is king.  I'll add that SEO is the king's crown. Throwing up articles not optimized for search engines and no plan to get them in front of your audience can work against increasing brand awareness. 

Comprehensive content - the meat and potatoes of a subject - performs far better for search engines than blogs that just skim the surface.  Google loves it when you dig deeper for VALUE. 


Communicate what separates you from your competitors as the go-to authority. Earn your audience's trust so they learn to like you, even. 


Blogging gives you permission to draw outside the a difference-maker.  Your audience wants valuable, transparent messaging. You have something wonderful to share it! 


Great content leads to great leads. 




I support you with content writing solutions

so you can get other stuff done...


I'm a certified content marketing writer creating content for high quality beauty, grooming, and personal care brands. My clients who post and advertise their blog content consistently (at least 2xs per month) saw significant growth in their readership within 3 months, which generates leads...and that's what we want!


Get access to my ideas for content creation to boost your brand awareness and sell your socks off.


I'm VERIFIED and supported by American Writers & Artists, Inc.






Your future die-hard fans want to know why they should give you their precious time...and money. Can you solve my problem? is the question readers have.  


Show your audience you "get them". Captivate them, keep them reading, and lead them to the solution.


Search engine-friendly web content is a must-have to be found organically - and connecting blogs strategically takes skill. I write for your community first and then for search engines so your message conveys the brand's personal touch.


I don't write content stuffed with statistically incorrect keywords. I research real keywords the way people are searching for your content.  


No more throwing up mediocre content. I'm your own personal super sleuth...answering readers' questions and digging for the piece of gold your competitors haven't discovered.


Fancy words, cliches,  and overused repartee’ won’t impress readers.  I write Information, inspiration, and entertainment your community can get behind.


No matter what your voice - candid, quirky, sophisticated, mature - I share the value of your message with a personable tone compelling your visitors will nod and smile. 


Use your story to connect on a personal, emotional level...and keep 'em clicking through. Show off your brand’s unmatched benefits and pull your superfans. 


Give your audience a pleasant reading experience. Make your copy easy to consume (especially for scanners) and your pages simple to click through.  Your message should be clear and simple.


I work 1:1 with professionalism

and consistency to create engaging web copy...


I work with just a few clients at a time so I can meet your expectations.


I deliver quality projects with honesty and integrity. Every project I take on is important and I'm committed to excellence.


I love beauty products. They make life more fun. I read up on the beauty industry - brands, products, and competitors - so I'm informed about trends.


I admire the passion so many cosmetic brands have for environmental, social and global improvement.


When your community discovers how your brand improves her (or his) life, they'll become superfans...and share your brilliance.   


Make An Investment

In Your Business Today 

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