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3 Reasons Why Shea Moisture is "A Better Way to Beautiful"

#1 Shea Moisture is...Beautiful

Limited options for women of color are a thing of the past thanks to this visionary company. Shea Moisture has raised the bar, offering a generous selection of certified organic products for your entire body. These exquisite products for your skin contain a base of Shea Butter infused with fragrant minerals.

The cosmetic line is designed for every tone to enhance your natural beauty and give you a flawless finish, and wonderfully scented hair essentials restore and enhance your tresses for a healthy crowning glory.

The allure of Shea Moisture is that it doesn't lock us in a box, recognizing that our personal care needs and desires are just as diverse as we are. How great is it to have an array of fabulous choices to fulfill your personal care needs with natural scents that pamper you. Shea Moisture is a leader in a movement that places our beauty on the front cover, where it belongs.

#2 Shea Moisture is...Sexy

And the "Break The Walls" campaign took this cosmetics company to super-sexy status. First, Shea Moisture meets and exceeds the needs of its multicultural consumers. Then they went and broke down the beauty walls at mega retailers such as Walmart and Target. This is H.U.G.E.

For all of my post-pubescent life, I knew just where to go to find products made for women who look like me: at the very back of one of the the isles of all the other "BEAUTY" products. There, on a half-of-a-half-of-a-half of an isle labeled "ETHNIC" was where I could find a few products made for women of color.

Shea Moisture's "Break The Walls" campaign is about inclusion, and because of this movement, the "ETHNIC" isle is obsolete, and now I can find Shea Moisture and other products created for women of color on the "BEAUTY" isle.

#3 Shea Moisture...Cares

Shea Moisture recognizes its responsibility to give back to a community of women who work tirelessly to harvest and produce Shea Butter and African Black Soap, so that they can help provide clothing, housing, food and education for their families. This groundbreaking company has partnered with workers in Northern Ghana, Africa to negotiate fair market pricing for their products.

In years past, companies that process Shea Butter undercut the workers in these communities, depriving them of the opportunity to make a decent living by forcing them to sell their products for very little just so they can survive. Shea Moisture's buyers negotiate directly with the women, actively involving them in community commerce, and as a result are paid well for their hard work and their beautifully hand-crafted products.

Shea Moisture also provides these women with worker-friendly and energy-efficient work spaces while keeping the cost of production low, so that the workers' wages are much higher than the minimum wage in Northern Ghana.

Shea Moisture is far-reaching in its effort to help these and other communities out of poverty and into hope and a future.

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