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How To Choose a Compelling Name for Your Brand

how to Choose a compelling name for your brand

Should you merge your kids' names together or should you choose a name that describes your product and what it does?

Choosing a name for your beloved brand - your baby - is one of those super important details that's personal, a little agonizing, and brings your dream even closer to your reality.

Some things to consider when choosing a brand name...

The name you choose should:

  • tell consumers who you are and what you do

  • be easy to pronounce (make it easy for fans and influencers to share)

  • be hashtagable

  • reassure consumers

Other important considerations...

Digital Branding

*Name should be compelling enough to inspire click-through - stand out online from your competition

*Name should be short enough to fit on the online listing

*Do a quick search to make sure no one owns the name you choose.

*Know.Thine.Audience - The gospel according to marketing

*Think Long-term so you're not faced with re-branding in the future

8 Types of Brand Names to Consider

*Describes service or offer (Lipstick Queen)

*Feeling or experience - inspired (GLAMorous GLOW)

*Invented, creative, provocative (NYX). Proceed with caution...this could be tricky

*Key Ingredient in formulations (Shea Moisture)

*Acronym (TGIN - Thank God I'm Natural)

*Geographical (Moroccanoil)

*Heritage (Oil of Olay)

*Founder Name (Fenty Beauty)

Global Cosmetic Industry

Caffeine Hydrates skin...Who Knew?!

Estée Lauder Companies has new research that suggests our life-giving caffeine (not your morning double shot...sorry) actually enhances skin's moisture.

The basis of this breakthrough is by changing the electrical potential of skin, hydration is enhanced.

"What we've found is caffeine actually increases the skin's electrical properties, or electric potential, which is directly correlated with an increase in the skin's water content" (Jaime Emmetsberger, Ph.D).

Listen to this short podcast to learn more:

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Working in Self-Care at the office

You work hard, Love. And let's face it - being great at work and at home doesn't always leave time for self-care. Here are some tips to help you relax, release, and relate while grinding away at the office.

*"Greening" from ear-to-ear. A study by the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows indoor plants can help reduce fatigue. Bring some plants into your work space to improve your mood - and your day.

*Go outside and play! Take your lunch outside - change your scenery. Getting a good dose of Vitamin D can increase your serotonin level - a great energy and mood boost for your afternoon!

*E-scent-ial. Treat yourself to a diffuser that fits your office decor. Get your favorite essential oils and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

*Write of passage. Jotting down your most pressing items is a good way to focus your day, and feel accomplished at the end of it.

Another tip is to create a "list-of-six"- to-do item(s) broken down into six or more line items. Your pressing task(s) may be so large you can't complete it in a day - or week. Breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable steps and checking each off gives you a visual road map to completion...and success.

Skin, Inc.

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