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Natural & Organic Beauty (Part Deux): What Consumers Want

natural & Organic beauty (Part deux): They like it like that

The natural and organic market niche is riding high as consumer demand for "greener" and "cleaner" products increase. Who doesn't want to live better, longer, stronger? 68% of participants in the PinkReport study of the Beauty and Personal Care Industry (BPC) prove that natural is the new normal, and not likely to go away.

The second installment of the GCI 4-parter is about the consumer habits of four generations, and how they drive the popularity and success of the natural/organic BPC industry.

Here's the breakdown on who's buying (some) natural and organic products:

- Gen Z - 73%

- Millennials - 70%

- Gen X - 67%

- Baby Boomers - 61%

Why they purchase...why they don't. The report reveals the most common reasons participants purchase natural/organic BPC products are because they're a healthier alternative for the body, they're "feel--good" purchases, and it's environmentally responsible to purchase green/clean products.

Top factors participants consider when purchasing natural/organic BPC products are price (80%), no animal testing (73%), BPA free (67%), and shelf-life (63%).

An overwhelming 95% of women who buy natural/organic products buy more than they did 10 years ago. 61% don't buy products in these categories, 31% don't understand the benefits for such purchases, and 45% don't purchase because the prices are significantly higher than what they're accustomed to paying.

Where they purchase. Amazon is the go-to site for 52% of natural/organic BPC buyers. 47% purchase from specialties stores, and 43% purchase from superstore - like Target and Walmart.

What they purchase. Of all women surveyed, 35% have purchased natural/organic lip balm, 31% have purchased oils and body moisturizer in the same categories, shampoo and facial moisturizer come in at 27%, facial cleanser and body scrub, 26%, and 25% have purchased natural/organic toothpaste.

Good to know. Gen Xers spend the most on natural/organic BPC products, and are 20% more likely to spend more than $26 per month.

What motivates them to buy. Again, price ranks highest (73%) when making a purchasing decision in the green/clean BPC market niche. Reviews and product claims are deciding factors for 69%, and 68% know and trust the brand.

Efficacy is 95% of women's reason for considering a natural/organic BPC products, and they're heavily influenced by product reviews and product claims.

Branding in a digital world

Love it, like it, or downright despise marketing is here to stay. And your audience lives there. Digital branding can seem daunting, time-consuming, but well worth the investment if you have a comprehensive marketing plan that fits into your company's goals. Skin, Inc. highlights some marketing must-dos to grow your online presence, and ultimately, increase your customer base.

Your website. KISS. Keep it simple ('cause you're smart)! Be sure your website is user friendly - easy to navigate (don't forget about mobile users). Quality check: Would you click through your website if you were a visitor? Or click away because it's not responding properly...or the copy takes too much energy to consume?

Visual Aids. Relevant and eye-catching images (and your logo) help with your branding and differentiation.

What do you want from me? Your website should tell your audience where to go and what to do. Your call-to-action(s) are the road map of your website. You've explained to your visitors the why, the how, and the what of your business. Now what? Be clear on how and where you want to drive them. Schedule an appointment? Download your super valuable how-to guide? Buy your product? Be sure your audience has the opportunity to take your desired action.

Meet them on Social Media . Let's be real. growing your business with social media is no easy task. Organic reach has been significantly minimized. And paid ads? They work when you understand how to optimize them for your business.

Choosing the right channels to market your business is the way to expand your audience and drive traffic to your website. A visitor has an opportunity to get to know your brand, opt-in, set an appointment or purchase - depending where she is in her journey with you. So the time (and money) investment will be worth it.

Social media helps keep you in front of your audience to build relationships with timely, relevant, compelling content that gets your people to your website. It gives your SEO ranking a fighting chance (google will see you) so you can reach new prospects.

Content is still king. Deliver well curated content in the form of blogs, social media posts, how-to videos, etc. on a variety of channels (discover where your audience hangs out). Send out emails to promote your content and redirect your audience. Inform and entertain readers with user-friendly and engaging content and they'll love you.

Blogs are an excellent way to serve your audience, increase your readership, and they help Google find your fresh, relevant content posted to your website.

Bespoke Beauty

Presenters will delve into next-level technology - like artificial intelligence, DNA, and active ingredients specific to consumers' needs. It's deeply personal!

The in-cosmetics Formulation Summit takes place Oct. 24-25, 2018 in London.

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