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Natural & Organic Beauty (Part Trois): The Male Perspective

natural & Organic beauty(Part trois): The male perspective

Men are purchasing natural/organic beauty and personal care (NOBPC) at the same rate (or greater) as women buying similar products. Now...what now?! Yes. Health, wellness, and eco-friendliness is top of mind with the guys - right up there with looking great. In fact, they are buying natural and organic lip balms, body wash, and toothpaste at significantly higher rates than women.

It's raining men.

49% - The number of male PinkReport participants who buy some NOBPC products

66% - Believe NOBPC products are healthier

57% - Feel better about purchasing NOBPC products

55% - Believe NOBPC products are better for the environment

Top concerns for male respondents are that products be reasonably priced (72%), that products are not tested on animals (60%), and are BPA free (59%).

Where men shop. Like their female counterparts, men are purchasing the lion's share of their NOBPC from Amazon (68%), and from superstores (46%).

What men buy. Male respondents have brand awareness, and product and brand preferences. Here are the brands respondents have purchased:

Aveeno - 64%

Burt's Bees - 55%

Tom's of Maine - 39%

Seventh Generation - 37%

Aveda - 30%

EOS - 30%

Honest Company 24%

Method - 24%

Dr. Bronner's - 23%

Whole Foods Brand - 19%

Top opportunities for NOBPC for men. Male participants want to be able to purchase specific natural and organic products formulated especially for them. Their top preferences include:

- facial wipes - 40%

- facial treatments - 40%

- sunscreen - 37%

- shaving and grooming products - 36%

- ingestibles - 35%

- hair styling products - 34%

- exfoliants - 31%

the blogging effect(AND WHY you should want it)

Blogs have a significant purpose in your brand marketing. Not just any ol' blog, but well-planned, original content that educates and entertains your audience. Big bonus...establish your expertise in your market niche and express your passion for your brand, social movement, or whatever inspires you and gives you a reason to do what you do every day.

  • B2B companies who use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who don't.

  • B2B and B2C companies that have leveraged blogging are 13x more likely to see positive ROI.

  • Blogging is cost-effective; only your time is required (or hire a talented writer and save your time).

  • Companies that blog receive 97% more links directing to their website.

  • Blogs have been rated as the fifth most trusted source for accurate online information. (Hubspot)

Define your space. You have a great brand, but so does your competition. Pull away from the crowd by connecting with your audience like only you can. Your narrative is your own, and you have an audience who can relate to it. Own it. Gift it to your tribe and create long-lasting customers or clients. You don't just sell a beauty or grooming widget, you believe in something bigger than yourself - your people will get you because you get them.

So join the conversation already happening in your visitor's head and offer your expertise to help her solve her problem. Redirect her from your social media platforms to your website blog page and make a heart connection.

Eat the elephant one bite at a time. You can't solve everyone's problems in one blog. So create a series - a calendar with a variety of scheduled blogs that solve your readers' individual problems, and entertains, and educates them on your offerings. Know your people so you know how to help them.

How often should you blog? Consistent, frequent content is the key in keeping your audience coming back to your blog...and clicking on your pages. Weekly posting is optimal, bi-weekly posting is good. Google loves when you keep it fresh, and regular posts improve your SEO ranking, increasing your traffic.

Blogging gives you an opportunity to educate your readers about your passion, products and/or services while you give them the gift of entertaining (not dry) information. It goes back to knowing your people and improving their day, or their lives because you help them along the path to success.

10 age-defying ingredients you have to know

In 2018, Pintrest pins increased 345% for anti-agent gadgets such as rollers and semi-precious stones. The global anti-aging market is estimated to reach $331.41 billion by 2021!

The conversation has shifted away from "anti-aging" and age-defying", which implies age-shaming. Female and male consumers want to "age well", with ingredients and formulations that support skin health for a more youthful appearance.

Skin aging culprits. There are three main biochemical reactions within the skin that cause skin to age:

ROSs (reactive oxygen species) - Generated by UV rays and pollution. ROSs damage cell structures, causing wrinkles over time and compromising the skin’s ability to repair itself. ROSs can destroy lipids and cause inflammation.

MMPs (matrix metallop­roteinases) - Enzymes activated by UV exposure and inflammation. They help cause breakdown of collagen and prevent new collagen from forming.

AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) - Formed by a reaction between sugar (e.g. glucose) and proteins (e.g. collagen), AGEs promote cross-linking of protein fibers, resulting in a loss of elasticity over time.

How do we fix this mess? Here are newest innovations in skin care that address these biochemical reactions:

1. Bakuchiol - helps improve the look of uneven pigmentation, elasticity and firmness for a renewed complexion.

2. Brown algae oligosac­charides - maintain the balance of cell neuropro­tectors; antioxidant.

3. Edelweiss stem cells - antioxidant; preserve collagen production

4. Himalayan gentian - increases the number of cell layers for firmer skin; softens vertical lines - texture appears more toned and sculpted.

5. Peptide 4 - encourages cells to repair; renews and protects on skin's own circadian rhythm.

6. Persian silk tree - in vitro, stimulates the rest and activity cycle in fibroblasts cultures.

7. Rosa damascena flower - contains essential oils; hydrating anti-inflammatory; rich in antioxidants with a fragrant, soothing scent.

8. Sea holly plant stem cells - stimulates the renewal of the epidermis; stimulates collagen production even in the presence of UVA, for a re-plumping effect.

9. SMART drone peptide technology - Developed using principles of drone navigation technology; targets specific areas of the skin to boost the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and elastin within the extracellular matrix for smoother-looking skin; hydrates and improves visible bounce-back.

10. Starflower seed oil - promotes a healthy skin appearance by helping to maintain skin moisture levels; super nourishing and hydrating.

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